Pragya Gupta

Pragya Gupta is a content marketer with over 7 years of experience in writing, content strategy, and PR. At RapidShyp, she’s involved in research, editing, and writing for the blogs, reports, shipping encyclopedia and other brand assets.

How to Reduce WISMO Inquiries and Improve Customer Experience

If your business is flooded with WISMO questions, these are clear indications that your customers are struggling to find the information they need.

Pragya Gupta    Jul 11, 2024

Optimising Supply Chain: The Role of NDR Management in Reducing RTOs

NDR management is crucial for D2C businesses aiming to minimise returns and enhance the overall delivery experience.

Pragya Gupta    Jul 04, 2024

How to Build a Steller Post-Purchase Experience with a Branded Tracking Page

Modern buyers expect a proactive and user-friendly experience from when they land on your eCommerce website to when they receive their products.

Pragya Gupta    Jul 01, 2024

6 Effective Ways to Reduce RTO in eCommerce

While there has been a demand of online shopping, RTOs walk hand-in-hand. NDR plays a major role in RTO returns.

Pragya Gupta    Jun 19, 2024

How To Create A Killer eCommerce Shipping Process In India

eCommerce shipping makes all the difference for online stores. Creating a robust strategy is crucial for business success.

Pragya Gupta    May 27, 2024

Understanding The Basic Shipping Terms

Understanding the shipping terms is crucial before you begin shipping. It can help you optimise business processes and connect better with sellers.

Pragya Gupta    May 14, 2024

Things to Know Before Finding a Reliable eCommerce Shipping Solution

Regardless of the size of your eCommerce business, finding a reliable shipping solution is a must for business success.

Pragya Gupta    May 08, 2024

10 Proven Tips To Reduce Shipping Costs For eCommerce Businesses

To slash eCommerce shipping costs, negotiate with couriers for bulk discounts and use shipping platforms like RapidShyp for pre-negotiated rates and workflow automation. Optimize packaging and consider flat-rate or prepaid shipping for predictable costs.

Pragya Gupta    Apr 25, 2024

Why Simplifying Logistics Tech is Need of the Hour

Logistics tech is key to moving goods quickly and accurately. Making it easily accessible to eCommerce brands is sure shot to success.

Pragya Gupta    Apr 22, 2024

How To Choose The Right eCommerce Delivery Partner For Your Small Business

Choosing the right eCommerce delivery partner is crucial for your business success. All you need is transparency, affordability, and reliability, streamlining shipping processes to foster growth. With features like upfront cost estimation, comprehensive tracking, and efficient order processing, RapidShyp ensures a seamless experience for both you and your customers, setting the stage for sustainable success in the competitive eCommerce market.

Pragya Gupta    Apr 17, 2024

Dropshipping Decoded: The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Dropshipping Business

Discover the transformative power of dropshipping business, offering brands an innovative path to eCommerce success. Discover how this model revolutionizes eCommerce sales, eliminating inventory burdens and simplifying logistics while amplifying business potential. Simplify shipping today!

Pragya Gupta    Apr 12, 2024

Why Does Your eCommerce Business Need A Shipping Aggregator?

Amidst India’s surging eCommerce growth, shipping aggregators are indispensable for businesses seeking streamlined shipping. Offering access to diverse courier partners, simplified rates, and advanced analytics, they empower seamless logistics management, which is essential for staying ahead in the competitive market.

Pragya Gupta    Apr 09, 2024

eCommerce Shipping: Strategies, Methods and Best Practices in India

Learn basics of eCommerce Shipping step-by-step; from shipping process to examples of multiple brands leverage shipping to provide a delightful customer experience.

Pragya Gupta    Apr 03, 2024

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